When expectant parents call me to schedule their newborn session, one of my questions is: Is this your first? I wait for an answer with excitement. “No, I have a two year old son.” I smile. Some people would run away crying at the thought of photographing a 2 year old brother and newborn baby. Not me. It is sometimes a very great challenge, one of the biggest I will most likely encounter during the whole session, but I love the challenge! I love unique situations that keep me on my toes. Big brothers are so much fun, crazy and all.

Each time a newborn session involves a big brother, I make an effort to get to know that big brother right away. To let him know he is important to me, just as much as his baby. Big brothers are often not used to their little sibling just yet. Others will not stop touching and kissing them. No matter their feelings or approach to life as a big brother, they are special when they visit me. I will capture them alone if their sibling needs to stop for a snack. I want them to leave hoping for the next time they get to visit!

Parents, rest assured, there are tricks! Many of the families represented in those photos above doubted if they would get a great sibling photo. We get creative, we use props (We use snacks, but don’t tell them ahead of time!)… There are so many variations on a sibling photo, that there is almost always an option to try something different if a certain setup isn’t working for them. You can rest easy, if it can be done… I will do it, and look forward to the opportunity!

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