Your Fur Baby is Welcome at Nicole Jackson Photography

It has been so much fun to see the different families who have brought their first baby, their fur baby in to their children’s photo session. I have gotten everything from a very old guy, to the crazy puppy. My first question to people as they ask if they can bring their dog is, “Does it show any signs of aggression?” Truth be told, if a dog shows aggression, I am the biggest wimp! I have been picked on by my family for being afraid of animals, and it’s true! So, if your dog is friendly, he or she is welcome to join your family for your session. I have tricks to help the pups give their new little family member kisses too!

The Prop & The Pup!

Here are some examples of using some of my props for the babies, to help keep them in a safe place when we bring in their fur brother or sister!


The Bed & The Floor for the Fur Babies!

I love to use my bed in the studio, and dogs are also welcome there! As babies get older and want to have their fur brother or sister join them, we can even just let them spend time together on the floor. Here are some examples of those…

When you contact me to book your session, if you have a fur baby in your home that you’d like captured with your family, let me know! I always open to talk about the options we can try!  Hope to see you, your baby and maybe even your fur baby soon! To book your session, click HERE and I will look forward to meeting you and your family!


He was their ring bearer, now he protects their children.