The Beginning of Maternity, Newborn and Baby for me…

The adventure of maternity, newborn, and baby days began for me almost 13 years ago now. Well, let’s take it back a few more than that actually, the day the Dr told me I would never have children. That day broke my heart, as I have always loved babies and dreamt of the day I would have my own.  God had bigger plans for me, thankfully, and I now have two boys of my own.  When I talk with ladies in my studio about the difficulties of pregnancy, I’ve walked that road. With our first son, I was on complete bed rest from 6 months on. My second pregnancy didn’t have complications, but the kid was 9lbs so I was definitely uncomfortable! ha ha My boys are 9 and 12 today, but I loved the journey through their first years and I love the adventure of watching all of your babies grow too! Here are some images from the tiny days of my own critters:

As you can see from those images, I have not always been a photographer. I do not have newborn images of my own babies, which is a total bummer to me. I love for every family to have images that capture their tiny little baby, and the emotion and connection that is being created right from the start.

When I got my first “real camera.”

I don’t actually remember the exact point when I got a camera that I considered a “real camera.” I know, as my children were growing, I was SO frustrated with blurry images and red eyes. I wanted to figure out how to capture them more effectively, so I began my journey to learning. I grew in camera knowledge through trial and error and many tutorials viewed from various sources. ( was amazing! YouTube was a place I would go to search something specific I wanted to learn) It wasn’t until we moved our family back from Southern CA to Sonoma, CA that things became real for me.  My sister is a baker and was creating masterpieces for weddings, and my brother was a wedding DJ. The idea of me being a wedding photographer so we could be an amazing team, rolled around in my head. I worked with a local wedding photographer as her “second shooter,” and quickly learned weddings were not my passion.  Then one day, a friend was having a baby and I offered to capture him when he was born. She loved her images, but they gave me a very keen awareness… I still had a LOT of learning to do concerning newborns! I did just that. I learned, I took on models to practice what I learned, and then I went to learn some more. I spent two years working out of my home while learning and growing in skill… and then the studio presented itself.  (I now shoot with a Canon 5D Marklll)

The Move to the studio, to capture Maternity, Newborn, and Baby days!

One day, I walked into Worthy of Love… it’s an awesome little store on Petaluma blvd, that I just knew would have great props!  Little did I know, that adventure would begin a completely different and masterfully wonderful adventure into my own studio space. Crystal, the owner, showed me the spaces and I went home to pray and talk to my husband. As my husband and I were talking, there was a knock at my front door. It was a woman who I had done little things for here and there to help, and she wanted to give me a card to say thank you. I gave her a hug, thanked her, and she went on her way. When I got into my office, I opened her card only to see she had given me the exact amount of money I needed to pay first and last on the studio space. I raised my eyes towards heaven and said, “OK, I WILL DO IT!” ha ha Sometimes I need a push over the edge! What is extra special to me is, that woman who I had helped was dying from cancer… Before she passed, I was able to take her to my studio and show her what she had a big part in helping to create. I LOVE that.

Word of Mouth

I am extremely grateful for the fact that my business has doubled every year since I began. The greatest part about that for me is, I don’t advertise. Yes, I use Facebook and I have my website, but I do not advertise elsewhere. I have been blessed by clients who I have grown close to and who have shared of my business with their friends. Now, in my 6th year in business, I have these webs of people who know people who told people who showed people etc. I am EXTREMELY grateful for that truth and for each Maternity session, for every single newborn, and oh those chunky baby sessions. Every single one makes my heart smile, and I just love what I do.

I wanted to start my blog fresh after some website snafus, and I wanted to start it out by sharing a bit more about me… and how I got to be Nicole Jackson Photography. I wouldn’t be here with out the people who have trusted me to capture their babies, and I just want to say Thank you!  I was once a little girl who always wanted to hold any baby, then the teenager who babysat as much as she could, on to the brokenhearted college student who was told she would never have kids, now to a Mama of two and a photographer of so many more. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

All of that learning I did was geared solely towards how to capture the babies etc… so now, I am on to learning SEO and trying to remember to blog! It’s a new adventure and I hope I am able to do it effectively and interestingly! Here’s to adventures and going after our desires to make them reality! … Nicole